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【戶戶有著數🔔嗌譚仔 #全單7折】肚仔餓餓,想食得再豐富啲?即日起用戶戶送嗌 譚仔雲南米線 ,即享全單7折優惠*❗️優惠咁筍,盡情嗌多啲小食同朋友開心share啦!🤤仲有仲有!譚仔全新嘅「濃汁豬軟骨寬麵」已經獨家登陸戶戶送!新麵底彈牙又掛湯,吸收晒花椒重慶酸辣湯底嘅精華,麻香十足!襯埋新配餸濃汁豬軟骨,肉質軟腍,啖啖充滿膠質😍加上手工製作嘅豆卜,滋味更升級😋呢個完美新配搭,絕對能夠為你帶嚟驚喜!🌶️全單7折*咁正,仲唔即刻開APP嗌餐?📲https://bit.ly/3PaDPVo#DeliverooHK#戶戶送香港#是日戶戶送#美味日嚐#戶戶送獨家幫你送#戶戶送譚仔雲南米線#譚仔雲南米線[30% Off TamJai Yunnan Mixian😋] Craving for mixian and noodles? Enjoy full menu 30% OFF when ordering all your favourites from TamJai Yunnan Mixian on us today! Want to try something new? Try their new “Braised Pork Cartilage Flat Noodles“ – paired with braised & soft pork cartilage in Chongqing Sour & Spicy Soup with Sichuan pepper, the springy flat noodles are a game-changer! 😋Don’t miss out the special offer to get full menu 30% OFF*! Order now.🍜*優惠有效期至2022年7月28日。訂單需滿$150方可享用此優惠,優惠上限為$50。先到先得,送完即止。受條款及細則約束。 *Offer is valid till 28 July 2022, with minimum order value requirement of $150, and capped at $50. First come first served, while stock lasts. T&Cs apply.

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